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By the end of each week, I post a comment about a financial topic. The views which are reflected in this blog are mine and they are not supposed to constitute financial advices. Do what you think is good for yourself. Build your knowledge, and take advice where necessary.
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2021 Apr 04
trading Crypto

My dear Friend, out of the deep blue, here I am again 😅!

The thing is... despite being ultra busy, I cannot let this pass you by any longer. Yes, there is something you need to know! I am sure you have heard about crypto currencies, but have you done anything about it?

It's about time to give it a real hard look. Let's enter the other world!

I have a mental problem with business models where the client is the product.

I have avoided Facebook for its first 10 years of existence, and have only been forced to register on the platform to avoid impersonators and fake accounts trying to profit from my business.

With Data being the new Gold, no wonder we are more and more becoming the product. Welcome to the Robinhood casino...

It took me a few decades to understand this...

If you trade (on the stock market), you need to accept that 90% of those trading out there are losing money. Ask yourself what good reason you have to be part of the 10% lucky ones?

Now, if you invest, you need a totally different approach. If you do not let go and have rules for entering and exiting trades, even if these rules are very basic, then you have to call them what they are: trading rules. And you did not invest, but you traded.

So, if you really want to invest, then you need to seek the World Dominators...

Things are broken all around, but they are also patched up so fast and so big that we are led to believe there is a kind of normality settling in. Mind you, people are even starting to book their 2021 summer holiday as if it is a necessity right now.

Yet, I feel that we are just in the eye of the cyclone, a place which feels sheltered from recent devastation, but a place which only exists for a few moments. A few more days, weeks or months. Still, when we get out of the eye, we hit devastation again. It cannot be avoided, can it?

Ahhh, this is so annoying!!! Yes, two weeks ago I wrote that it's time to get 100% positive, and get the uplift as the Fed is pumping the financial assets in the US, with worldwide repercussions. Yes, it's party time again, a party like this one we got at the turn of the Millenium. Party! Party! Everybody is joining, and as a company got even valued $2 trillion last week, why would you stay on the side? Party! Party! 100% positive!

You do not need to trade to take an interest in this. Let me tell you that this battle for avoiding the upcoming recession will have repercussions into your daily lives for the next decade. If the Central Banks and powerful Kings-aka-Governments win, there will be asset inflation for years to come making the rich richer and the middle class will have the priviledge of having job security in exchange of not being able to afford the cost of living (mostly the cost of buying a home). If they loose... there will be asset deflation for at least a couple of years making everybody poorer, except the 0.01% few. In any case, the game is rigged, but in any case... you are in the game, so everyday, you have to play your hand.

2019 Sep 07
trading Invalidation

This past week was everything about invalidation of risky events. No deal Brexit? Invalidated... Italians having to go back to the polling stations and elect a new far right government? Well, invalidated too... Chinese trade war? Invalidated, at least for now... SPX going down the hole. Yes you guessed it. Another one which got invalidated!

2019 Aug 31
trading Silver lining

A little friend called Silver is sending us warning signs. It only does this when feeling distressed about the world economy and the risk of either conflict, recession, downturn, or other gremlins... So when it sends its signal, you have to listen...

One one side, you have the powerful Central Bankers who print money like there is no future consequence. In 8 years at the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi never ever raised interest rates, having for consequence the abnormal 30 years german bond paying negative 0.11%. Yes, you have to pay the German state to lend them money over 30 years. Or the negative mortgage in Denmark as we saw recently. On another side, you have the powerful Kings of their competing empires...