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My dear Friend, out of the deep blue, here I am again 😅!

The thing is... despite being ultra busy, I cannot let this pass you by any longer. Yes, there is something you need to know! I am sure you have heard about crypto currencies, but have you done anything about it?

It's about time to give it a real hard look. Let's enter the other world!

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In 2015 , or was it 2014 I don't remember, I went to Las Vegas to mingle with IBM and their cohort. There was a small group who had setup a few conferences about something called Blockchain. I went to all of them. Within a few hours, they convinced me that the future would be built around this technology and that I had to take part of it. I came back home, and got called on an emergency project, and another, and another... and I did not act on my gut feeling that Blockchain was the future, as I kept working head down as per my slave status...

Forward a few years, in the summer 2018 I was invited by some friends. One of them was in IT, so we discussed "what would be the biggest revolution" in the next few years. I told him it would be Blockchain and no other technology would come close. I did my best to convince him for more than one hour, but he would not have it: "too immature, too early" he said. Well, despite me pitching Blockchain with all my ability and forceful persuasion, not only I did not persuade him, but I also failed to persuade myself... because once more, I did not act on my gut feel.

Then I went to more crypto events and seminars and what you... but I still did not buy even 0.0001 Bitcoin for what it was worth. And I still did not take the time to read deep deep inside this new paradigm changing everything, as my slave status took over once more.

So here we are, at the beginning of 2021. I have not been a slave for two years 🤗 so it's about time that I started to read deep deep inside... And I now see the world that I never saw before. Bloody hell guys... there is a parallel world out there! In 2011, Marc Andreessen wrote the famous quote "Software is eating the World". Well guess what: if Software is indeed eating the world, then "Crypto is having Software for breakfast"!

So here is what I have for you:

First, this blog would be too long and painful to give you a deep dive into all aspects of Crypto. From outside, it's simple (and you could pass the opportunity, as I did so many times), but from inside, it's a bit more... let's say sophisticated. A few days ago, I have partnered with a group (called Genius U) to host meetings around my local city (South West London area) about "Cyber and Crypto". Now, since Covid is still with us, these meetings will take place online. So we have the opportunity of getting all together for some Crypto 101. Basically, things like Blockchain, Bitcoin, Etherium and smart contracts, Wallets (mobile, desktop, paper, hardware, web), DEX, BaaS, Tokens and Token swaps, ICOs, Defi, and I am sure a lot more... I told you, when you go deep deep inside and open the Crypto box, there's a lot to discover! 😋

Action: please let me know if you would be interested in participating into such event. It will be free, and the first one may be set for around 45min. We will not cover everything in one event. There would be regular events, maybe every 2 weeks? This is still early days for me, but if I have at least 10 of you interested, then I will start hosting the first event. So let me know directly by email (eric [at] intheratrace [dot] com) if you are in!

Second, the Genius U guys are planning to host an "Investor Summit" over two days on 6th and 7th May. This event will be online and recorded. I am told it will be 8 hours in total (4 hours per day). They will have sessions about Stock investing, Property investing (hosted by the largest property network in UK), and finally you guessed it: Crypto investments. The cost is currently $27 for very early birds (that's around 5 cups of coffee where I live). I also know that they will increase the price in a week, and then once more as the event approaches. I highly highly recommend attending this seminar (I am already subscribed). I am currently trying to get a bulk offer from them, so that I get you a further discount and some extra freebies if I can gather at least 10 interested persons in the next few days. Not too sure yet how much of a discount I can get, and how many freebies, but I will bargain hard 😂!

Action: please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in attending their event (at a max of $27 but likely less). For this one, we do not have much time for a decision, so I would appreciate receiving your reply as soon as possible by email (eric [at] intheratrace [dot] com).

Right! I hope I peeked your interest. Frankly, think twice before you pass the opportunity to learn more about the Crypto guys who are having for breakfast the software guys who are eating the world 😉. Stop being a slave, take action for your financial independence!

To your journey! 🥂

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