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By the end of each week, I post a comment about a financial topic. The views which are reflected in this blog are mine and they are not supposed to constitute financial advices. Do what you think is good for yourself. Build your knowledge, and take advice where necessary.
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2020 Feb 08
time A pyramid of needs

I have delayed this too long... I am writing a blog about finance and money, and here we are, six months in, and I have not yet had a go at the biggest currency on Earth. This is probably because it is harder to criticise and manipulate 😉

In truth, it does not need a Central Bank, does not need another etalon such as gold or bitcoin to assert its legitimacy, but despite all this and unlike all our manipulated fiat currencies, we can have total confidence of its value and predictability. Every second of your life, it will apply the same rules. Let me introduce you to the mother of all money: ŦIME.