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This is another post about society 😱. I promise we will come back to finance very soon. But during this time of self confinement, everybody has the time to reflect and ask themselves the right questions. In short, what is of great significance, and what is coming next.

After the health, the economic, and the monetary crisis, welcome to the upcoming fourth crisis!

The world is in quarantine. At least 93% of the world population lives in a country that currently enforces travel restriction. That impacts 7.2 billion people with at least 2 billion asked to isolate at home and watch the world collapse on 24/7 news feeds. The balance of 5.2 billion is made of a few million "essential workers" and all those billions who do not have enough home to isolate themselves.

How did we come to this? What on Earth is happening, and what is the end goal? In general, I am not a conspiracy theory kind of guy, but now, I think enough is enough... Let's walk back the trail of Covid19 in search of better explanations.

So we now have these three problems, and they are several orders of magnitude apart (do a x100 each time you move up). First, we have this Global Health pandemic. Real bad, will give it 100 in scary ranking level! Oh but... now there's this Global Economy recession (well it's probably more like a depression, but nobody will tell you this).' bad, have to give it level 10,000!!

No, come on! Are you seriously going to fight this by creating this gargantuan debt enslaving us all for several generations? The Monetary and Fiscal shower pouring down from heavens is the real "level-one-million" seismic move which will redefine Earth for decades. That is, unless you believe the story of the Year of the Jubilee...

Oh boy! I hope you are not falling for these charlatans telling you to buy the dip. I hope you stay smart, and you keep smiling, because you will need a lot of smart and smile in the next few months.

Our world has turned the page. It is not because I say it. It is because it did turn the page. Look at all the evidence, and come to your own conclusion. Then, pretend you know nothing, because in the new world, our anchors have moved. In the new world, we need to tread carefully...