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Plugging the gaps in the COVID19 trail

The world is in quarantine. At least 93% of the world population lives in a country that currently enforces travel restriction. That impacts 7.2 billion people with at least 2 billion asked to isolate at home and watch the world collapse on 24/7 news feeds. The balance of 5.2 billion is made of a few million "essential workers" and all those billions who do not have enough home to isolate themselves.

How did we come to this? What on Earth is happening, and what is the end goal? In general, I am not a conspiracy theory kind of guy, but now, I think enough is enough... Let's walk back the trail of Covid19 in search of better explanations.

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By now, we all know the official version. The Virus mutated from a bat and passed onto a human at an open market in Wuhan. The most curious of us also know that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (the first Biosafety level 4 in China) happens to be located a few minutes walk from the open market and has been working on SARS and Corona viruses for at least a decade. Considering that the COVID-19 is deemed to be at least 96% identical to the sample initially collected by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the most logical explanation is that the virus somehow escaped the labs, maybe from a hungry scientist getting out at lunch time, and found a good place to spread at the local market as the delicacies passed from hand to hand. For the moment, let's call this an act of negligence.

After a few months of the virus being out there, it can be mapped on a deadly vs contagious quadrant, alongside other viruses that mother nature has presented us with. When I first saw a similar version of this quadrant a few weeks ago, I though WTF... is that all it is?

No really, is that all it is? An order of magnitude worse than flu, but also an order of magnitude better than SARS. Let alone the case of untreated HIV (in the past few decades), which makes this Coronavirus look like an unoffensive little bug.

As the flu is on the quadrant and is transmitted in similar ways, let's look at the number of death by flu on a typical year, and during bad times. There are tons of sources of information. I was careful that I took my sources from reputable organisations, but most importantly, from articles written pre 2020, so that they are not tainted by the COVID-19 hysteria. For the USA, you find stuff like Influenza killed about 80,000 people in the 2017-2018 season. For the UK, in some years it is estimated that flu can rise to over 10,000 deaths, with an estimated minimum of 13,000 deaths resulting from flu in 2008-09. And also the conclusion: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that flu kills between 250,000 and 500,000 people around the world every year.

Now I need to ask again... The US have recently predicted, according to their "model", a number of COVID-19-related death ranging from 100,000 to 200,000. Two years ago, there was a real hard number of 80,000 death with flu, but I do not remember having even been alerted about it. Totally under the radar, no incidence on anything, apart from the deceased and their family. Now, for a risk which is estimated at 1.25 to 2.5 times more than what happened in 2018, we literally stop the world. I wonder, and I am not the only one. A couple of days ago, a reputed microbiology German professor sent an open letter to Angela Merkel, and wrote: the conclusion of studies is that COVID-19 is not different from past CoronaViruses in terms of dangerousness. He asked a few questions, including this one: How does the current workload of intensive care units with patients with diagnosed COVID-19 compare to other (past) Coronavirus infections?

Something happened that got out of control. But what got out of control is not just the virus. It is how it was used as an excuse for the biggest reset on the planet in the past 90 years. Within 2 weeks, we got nearly 10 million new people out of job in the US, and 1 million in the UK. Yes, in less than 15 days! And these are the rich countries. Don't ask what the numbers will look like for the unfortunate less structured countries when they get their statistics back in a few weeks.

Why, oh why has it come to this complete lock down of the planet, which on the face of it, did not seem necessary?

Let's talk about Chloroquine. This medication has been available for many decades to treat other diseases. It was used at the beginning of the outbreak in China to treat patients with apparently very good results (although Chinese data sometimes come with a bit of a political spin). It was also used in France by Dr Didier Raoult to treat positively 36 patients. That is despite President Macron and his Health Ministry proclaiming a few weeks before the European outbreak that the Chloroquine was harmful and therefore banned its use. Just a few days before the virus would hit France, a possible cure got removed from all pharmacies. When even the French President, who is supposed to be at the head of one of the oldest and most stable democracies, sends the "liberte, egalite, fraternite" down the drain, you have to start being suspicious of a bigger fish going on a rampage. It looks like the interest of Big Pharma (here probably Sanofi) got in the way of delivering a cure for the masses. We are on the trail of the Billionaires come first.

Who has an interest in making COVID-19 the biggest damaging planetary event of the past two, maybe three generations? Some come to mind. First the media. Media are thriving on bad news, and here we are served. Nothing else matters, just our permanent fix of COVID-19 coverage. Therefore, the media will not let the story die easily, and we can be sure of more pressure, more images of dead bodies in plastic bags, of shaming people having a walk too close for comfort, and more cataclysmic reporting out of the war zone.

Once enough media coverage kicked in, then the relay was all assured with social media frenzy, in a self reinforcing loop of hysterical sets of truths and untruths. That in turn pressured the governments, who for the most part, cannot be seen as doing nothing when a neighbouring country is killing its economy to save their grey hair generation. When you consider that in England, the Chief Medical Officer first advocated a herd immunity (let's all have it and get done with it, let's invite everyone at Cheltenham!), then backtracked when faced with media outrage, and finally got infected himself, it does not make for a very good case. Then, did he infect the Health Minister and the Prime Minister, or did they infect themselves in a different order, that does not matter anymore... They were all caught in a bit of lack of competence, and got the virus for a consolation prize. What we can be sure of however, is that the governments will make the most of the situation and keep for many years to come some urgent measures taken in the midst of the crisis. But this does does not make them the main culprit. They are at best incompetent and at worst some puppets of the more influential Moguls.

Talking about Moguls... Jeff Bezos is arguably the richest man on the planet. I have nothing bad against him, he did the planet a lot of good to be in this position. But frankly, his trail stinks. On the first week of Feb, he sold $3.4bn worth of Amazon shares. You cannot expect the richest man on the planet to not know what was going on... He took advantage, OK. But then, while the brick and mortar economy gets totally destroyed by the decisions of the puppet governments who appear to be manipulated by the media and the Mogul's interests, who will benefit the most from this situation? Well, yes... Amazon. "Sorry that your local stores do not exist anymore, we will deliver free of charge for you 😇". And as if it was not enough, dear Jeff has another company to send a colony of carefully selected humans on the moon and save us all from total annihilation by viruses or war. No frankly, his trail stinks... Jeff, are you even remotely associated to this 😉? But then on the second week of Feb, he pledged $10bn to save Earth's environment. Then he keeps giving by $100m to feed the needy at the peak of the crisis. OK, wonderful guy, wrong trail...

The problem is that when you start looking into the attitude of big multi-billionaires just before the shit hit the fan, you find a lot of stinking trails. Take Ray Dalio, a guy I profoundly respect for what he is giving back (his knowledge and time) to the people in the past few years. In November 2019, it was publicly disclosed that his edge fund took a $1bn bet on the VIX, that the market would tank by March 2020. I had already been gobsmacked by an anonymous bet for half a million dollar in October 2019, that the market would tank before end of April, and calculated that if the bet succeeded, Mr Anonymous would enter the top 100 UK Rich List on the back of one single trade. So with a 2,000 times larger bet, how many billions did Dalio's team make on the back of this? I cannot even begin to contemplate... But My God, how can you be more accurate and spot on than this? And then, to make the trail even worse, a few weeks before the virus is about to tank the world, Ray famously tells his audience at Davos that Cash is Trash. Now again, as Ray has signed the giving pledge, we seem to be on the wrong trail. He made money that he will give back even more for better causes...

We are lucky that in this world, a lot of the wealthiest are also very good people with very good intentions. We were reminded of this again yesterday as Bill Gates and friends pledged to spend $billions, and therefore loose $billions, on the production of Corona Virus vaccines.

For my sanity, and yours, I would like to think that there is good Karma everywhere and that it all came from an initial negligence. China did not do this on purpose to change the world order, Russia had nothing to do with it, US even less, etc, etc... But when I see the mind boggling sums of money that get transferred from weak/unlucky hands to stronger/in-the-know hands, and the the mind boggling wreak of our economies and future way of life, I cannot accept that it was just negligence and incompetence. It looks like I am not the only one. Yesterday, India has complained to the United Nations Human Rights Council seeking compensation from China. This is coming on top of the other $20tr (trillion) lawsuit against China of last week, and we can be sure, more will come...

Shit hit the fan. It would look like some very influential and/or very rich people, such as Mr Anonymous and many more that we do not know of, whoever they are, call them Moguls or Banksters or Emperors, have either conspired for Armagedon to happen, or at least conspired to make the most of it once it started. As the events are unfolding and more happens in hours than it used to in months, behind the scene and under the controlling direction of some western Mogul-Banksters, the FED is printing trillions of dollars to ensure the enslavement of future generations. As they print, a few billions here and there land on a friend's pasture. Oh well, chicken feed as Boris Johnson said about some £250,000 a year private payments he received while in public duty. This money printing to oblivion is the consequence of the fight these western Mogul-Banksters inflict on the planet to keep their power.

On the other side is the new order: China. While the western world is on cardiac arrest, I give you a picture of the air traffic control in south east Asia. The battle is just starting...

To your journey!

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