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By the end of each week, I post a comment about a financial topic. The views which are reflected in this blog are mine and they are not supposed to constitute financial advices. Do what you think is good for yourself. Build your knowledge, and take advice where necessary.
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My dear Friend, it's been some time 😅

First, let me wish you an very good year 2021. Of course, it seems that we are all navigating week after week not knowing what the future holds, so maybe I should only wish you a very good next week at this stage... 😮

Anyway, it's this time of year again when everybody with a little bit of drive and/or planning reviews what's next. Where should I focus, what shall I improve?

Let me give you my two cents!

Another tsunami may be coming...

We have started adapting to the new normal. We have received our government subsidies (well, I have not, but most people have), and we are trying to go "business as usual", booking some holiday for next year, planning for a return to some kind of normality, etc...

But what if normality is not coming back anytime soon? What if I told you that the next 5 years are going to be like the past 5 months?

Whether you accept to believe it or not, there is no escaping the risk. Therefore, as it may soon be a question of survival, each of us needs to build more resilience into our life...

I have had my fair share of stress and problems in the past few months and years... This hardship taught me lessons that I had to learn the hard way. Sometimes I even had to re-learn them again and again as I was either forgetting or ignoring them... I suppose I am just as human as you are...

However, with age and reason, I start to get closer and closer to truth. Today, I can share with you one of the most important lesson for life.

2020 May 10
mindset The Secret

It's not because the world around us is collapsing that we shall stop dreaming. Everyday is a new day, and as I wrote more than a year ago now, every day is a new Me. For this time, we shall forget the problems thrown at us by the new world, because these problems are irrelevant. Covid is irrelevant, and the way governments have reacted to it is irrelevant too. Even the money printing, forget it for one moment!

For this time, the only relevance is you. Because at this time, I will give you the secret. The secret to make a success in whatever world we will discover tomorrow...

Well it's been two months of hell non stop so far. I thought it was my duty to warn and advise, so as I gave you a good insight into hell, I probably filled up your tank of negativity. What do you want, hell is hell... Cannot put a lipstick on it and pretend it's heaven 🤥.

This week, I would like to look into the little ray of sunshine that pierces through. This week, I would like to give you hope.

This is the third and last part of my trilogy on the new mindset for the new decade. After the totally new approach of goal setting, the search for our deep values, we are entering the last part. Simple in concept, but not always easy to master, the third part is this: focus on building good habits and delivering good execution!

Hello my Friend! It's only week 2 of the year, and the decade is going to feel like a succession of marathons... Therefore, for your own sake: clear your mind! 😇

Clarity is essential. Clarity of thoughts, clarity of goals, and clarity of purpose. Without this, you walk like a one-legged duck 🦆. And I can tell you this, it's not pretty!! So if you thought I was done with the new year's reboot and Change Program, you are in for a surprise. Not only I am not finished, but I have prepared some work activity for you. Yes, this week, you have to go beyond the reading and start working to discover our own Clear Self, the one who will cut through the upcoming decade on two legs and two brains...

The King of US has just bombed the highest military commander of Iran, and I will not even start commenting... We are post new year's resolutions, and the new Me is in full control!

I hope you enjoyed the year-end break and you are refreshed and ready for the new decade. As for me, I just got lots of time to read and think... This has led me to the most profound and possibly life changing resolutions ever, as the usual top three resolutions of the year landed in the bin!

Yes, the new Me has decided to drive a big Change Program...

Dear Trader,

I hope you enjoyed my support and rants this past year. As we are bang in the middle of the Christmas break, I will leave you with an unusually short message.

Like it or not, you are a trader. You dont' believe me? Continue reading...

2019 Nov 10
mindset Setting goals!

In the past week, my total running distance since 1st January this year reached 4 digits. As a consequence, my third and last main goal for 2019 got ticked. It’s important to set goals. It helps keep you on track and motivated. Although it is a bit early for end-of-year goal setting, there is never a bad moment to review and improve the process. Here we go!

2019 Nov 02
mindset Parachute

During this last month, I talked about the failed IPO of We Work. Well, this week, their founder-CEO got politely asked to leave the company. As SoftBank, the private investment fund who put in £10b into We Work, was adamant they wanted to take back control, they removed the ex-CEO from the board and took all his voting rights. Well, this removal of rights happened to be in exchange of a departure fee... of $1.7b 🤑. In the corporate world, that is called a parachute... Time for us all to assess if we have any in case of a freefall...