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Good riddance 2020!

My dear Friend, it's been some time 😅

First, let me wish you an very good year 2021. Of course, it seems that we are all navigating week after week not knowing what the future holds, so maybe I should only wish you a very good next week at this stage... 😮

Anyway, it's this time of year again when everybody with a little bit of drive and/or planning reviews what's next. Where should I focus, what shall I improve?

Let me give you my two cents!

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2020 has forced so many people to reveal their true selves. Under the pressure triggered by the collapse of the world as we knew it and the leap into a new order not yet completely in place, people's true selves have been exposed. The crooks have been "crooker" whilst the good Samaritans have delivered beyond expectations.

Therefore, at the very beginning of 2021, it is the right time again to check on the essentials: purpose and values. I had already touched on values at the beginning of last year, and I encourage you to review again, from the list of all values, which are the ones you will stand for. Whereas for purpose, I think the best way to deal with it is to picture the pitch of your life made by close friends or family at your funeral. Sorry if it sounds depressing, but this is the ultimate test: what will others want you to be remembered for? If you are not happy with what you think they will write, then you know what to change in your life...

You still have time for the story of your life to be as perfect as what you would like it to be!

And that leads me to my 2 cents advice. It is unlikely that you will be remembered for 20 odd things you did, let alone 100. No, you will be associated with only one or two traits of character. He was "this". She was "that". So you'd better know the one or two values you want to be associated with and recognised for, and you'd better make a concentrated bet on those.

Have you not noticed that a lot of people who seem to thrive are becoming expert at one thing? And since this started as a financial blog to help you "get out of the Rat Race", have you not noticed that most of those financially secure have made it on the back of one very concentrated bet? So here is the first part of the formula: full focus on the right bet with the right odds at the right time.

Why did I say "first part"? Because like most people, I feel risk going "all-in" in one concentrated bet. I know this is what I should do, but I feel the risk... This is why my last article (before possibly resuming now 🤔) was about building resilience and becoming anti-fragile. Somehow, building resilience was also about insuring yourself against all shit.

Yes, the second part is insurance. But I now feel that the best insurance is a kind of "anti black swan". In fact, it's just another kind of bet. Instead of an all-in bet on what must be right, it's a 1% bet on what may be right in a totally upside down world. Say that you had bet 1% of your money on Bitcoin 5 years ago ($400 a coin). 1% of your money was not significant enough by then to have impacted your life, so you could afford to lose it all. But this 1% of 5 years ago could indeed have mushroomed into nearly $30,000 today. A 72x return for doing nothing else than an "anti black swan" bet.

Do you see my point? A 95% concentrated bet on the right thing at the right time, and five 1% bets on anti black swan life insurance. Or you can continue to listen to those saying that you have to work hard, save like an ant, and invest over 40 years compounding your interest at 2.5%... There is a whole industry built on this. 💩

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The right time for making things happen is always now. However, in this fast changing world, now could indeed be a very good time for making the right concentrated bet and the right small insurance bets. These are the bets that will change your Life, and define your Self.

I cannot say which ones are right for you. I can only guide you so far... Should you wish to open a cryto account (it's never too late for an anti black swan bet), if you open it with Coinbase via this link, you and I will both get $10 in BTC (bitcoin) at your first $100 investment.

Following up on my 5 months pause, I am still a bit unsure if I will resume writing, how often and in which format. If you have some feedback to help me help you, please send.

To your journey! 🥂

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