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2020 Jan 19

This is the third and last part of my trilogy on the new mindset for the new decade. After the totally new approach of goal setting, the search for our deep values, we are entering the last part. Simple in concept, but not always easy to master, the third part is this: focus on building good habits and delivering good execution!

Hi There! My name's Eric
I was lucky enough to get two very good educations. A practical one which taught me the value of hard work, and a scientific one which gave me a diploma of engineering in computing.
But none of them taught me how to reach financial freedom coupled with a good lifestyle... This part, I had to learn by myself, continuously improving on my mistakes.
I acquired the idealistic pool, palms and villa pictured above more than a decade ago. Oh no! Do not start thinking that I bought it after becoming mega-rich... No! I got it as a result of convincing myself (and the bank!) that I could own it, despite all evidences suggesting otherwise.
Likewise, each time I managed to change my mindset, many new opportunities opened-up.
I openly discussed and revealed most of what I learned in my book Out of the Rat Race. I hope you will find the time to read it, learn from it, and apply a few of these techniques for your own benefit.
As you will understand from the book, I use an awful lot of financial simulators to assess deals. My first gift to you is a few selected, entry level but free-to-use, financial calculators, which you can find on this website. I won't even ask for your email in return, and I do not store any of your data on my server. You are welcome to play with them, pass them along to others, or even embed them into your blogs or website.
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you. I have so much more to offer!

Unlocking Financial Freedom

Access more financial simulators to engineer your exit from the Rat Race.

Exiting the Rat Race can be mechanical and planned. Some essential financial simulators are a great help to test multiple scenarios.

As you refine your plans, you may need even more sophisticated simulators. Keep in touch to get notified of all updates and the availability of new powerful simulators, the same ones which tracked my own exit from the Rat Race.

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What about getting financially free, out of the Rat Race, and becoming the best possible person you could ever be?
This book gives you all the material you will ever need on your arduous journey to pause, reflect, analyse, take action, succeed, fail, learn, and improve beyond all your expectations.
  • Foundations. Master Money, Attitude and Finances like never before.
  • Simulators. Learn how to simulate a better future for yourself and your family.
  • Freedom. Understand the leverage of freedom and the value of time.

Simulate your future success

A selection of free-to-use simulators to help you understand what it takes to get financially free at various stages in your life. Click here to see the list of all free simulators, or access each of them from the links below.

>> Mortgage repayment calculator

A visual, real-time, and easy to use mortgage calculator to cover all cases.

>> Inflation simulator

Inflation works in two ways. It can be either your enemy (as a saver) or your friend (as an investor or as a debtor).

>> Historical inflation calculator

If you'd like to play with real past inflation, this is the place to go.

>> Compounded interest calculator

See the compounded impact of interest over time, and how fast you can double or triple your capital.

>> Human capital simulator

See how much human capital you have and how fast you can convert it into financial capital

Investment plans (in progress...)

Simulate the relative value of an investment. Check the various performance indicators (Return on Investment, cash on cash, and more...)

Integrate a financial simulator directly into your website
It's simple really, just go to the configuration page, and copy/paste the code into your own webpage. The result is an embedded financial simulator into your website.
  • Visual. Beautiful and interactive financial simulators requiring no coding.
  • Embedded. Simulators get seemlessly embedded into your website.
  • Engaging. Keeps end-users engaged on your website for longer.
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