Mortgage repayment calculator

Simulating your mortgage cost for a capital repayment mortgage

With this real-time mortgage repayment calculator, you can see the various impacts of time, interest, fees and extra repayments on your mortgage, before committing to it. Not only this, but you can also see the impact of inflation, and see how good your mortgage is over the years in the inflationary world that you live in. Finally, you can also download your mortgage's graphs and Excel tables.

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How these figures were calculated...

This mortgage repayment calculator shows how much your monthly/annually mortgage repayments would be. This calculator takes as a start date the Date of today, as well as information that you provided: the amount of Debt, the Interest Rate, the Duration (in years), and the Fees. The CPI Inflation is only used to calculate an indicative score in order to assess the benefits these mortgage conditions would provide with such inflation.

I am not a financial advisor!

This calculator provides accurate results but you may also want to talk to a financial advisor to get their calculation and advice.